Street Vet - Helping those in need!

Read about how one of our nurses is giving back to the community through volunteering with homeless people and their pets!

I have been volunteering for Street Vet Birmingham since it was first set up in April/May, a lot of hard work went in to the set up. A dedicated group of vets and nurses all gathered together to organise when we’d meet, where we would store all our equipment etc. It’s difficult being a registered practice, with no practice!

We now meet regularly on a Sunday; we have an ‘outreach’ that walks the streets every Sunday evening. We do this with a fabulous group of people from HOPE outreach Birmingham; these people donate food, water, clothes, and toiletries they also provide a much needed friendly conversation! Working with them is an inspiration, why can’t everybody be so selfless?! We also meet at a soup kitchen run by Homeless Heroes; this is also on a Sunday night. This is a family run operation; they provide homemade cooked meals, hot drinks and a variety of other things. These volunteers have made us feel right at home, we’ve slot right in! They provide the much needed food, drink and clothing; we provide the veterinary treatment, food & accessories for their beloved furry companions. The amazing thing is, their pets do not go without! They are always well fed and very well looked after; most homeless people have admitted their pets eat better than they do!


The bond between a homeless person and their dog/cat is amazing. The one companion that doesn’t want or judge, all they need is their owners company and this truly amazing. Walking the streets and witnessing the homeless people is hard, but not as hard as having to live it. I thoroughly enjoy chatting to them and giving their pets a cuddle/treat, unfortunately not a lot of people show homeless people the time they deserve. 

Working with Street Vet is amazing, I feel like I really make a difference! Homeless people aren’t entitled to any benefits; therefore they have nobody to turn to when their beloved companion falls ill. All it takes is a few hours a month to change a street pet’s life, quite literally! We treat them for arthritis, skin issues, war wounds and much more! Featured in the pictures is a street dog called Roxy, she is currently being treated for arthritis. Her owner noticed a massive improvement after we started her on pain relief; she even managed a game of tug of war, which she won! She will regularly receive the treatment she needs for her arthritis and whatever else she needs, including food, toys, leads and collars.

Becki Griffiths RVN, Head Nurse, Rosewood Animal Hospital