Your Rabbit is at RISK
Minimise it this SUMMER!

Flystrike (Myiasis) is when flies lay their eggs on a rabbit's skin (usually around the bottom).

The eggs hatch quickly and the maggots chew and burrow their way into the rabbit's skin. This can happen within hours and can quickly become FATAL.

Any rabbit can get flystrike but the risk is highest for rabbits with dirty bottoms, wet fur or wounds. Flystrike is extremely common during hot weather, but it can occur at any time.

All rabbits should have their bottoms checked twice a day for poo, maggots and eggs!

What do you do if you find your rabbit has Maggots

Don't just try and clean them yourself - during opening hours contact us IMMEDIATELY, if we're closed you MUST contact your nearest 24hr Veterinary Centre. Flystrike is an emergency (day or night) and treatment cannot wait. Do not wash your rabbits rear end, fur in the affected area may need to be shaved and wet fur clogs the clippers. Flystrike is a very serious condition and is, sadly, often fatal. However, rabbits can make a full recovery if the condition if found and treated quickly. Flyblown rabbits are usually in pain and severe shock, and need skilled veterinary and nursing care.

How to prevent flystrike
•  Check that your rabbit is eating a healthy diet
•  Remove soiled bedding every day & disinfect hutches weekly
•  Check your rabbit at least twice a day
•  Don’t forget that house-rabbits can also be at risk!
•  Physical barriers such as adding fly-screens to hutches and runs
•  Speak to your vet about specific preventative measures: "Rearguard" is a liquid that is applied by sponge to the rabbit and prevents flystrike for up to 10 weeks. It stops maggots maturing to a stage where they become dangerous.

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•  General Health Check with Nurse
•  Groom and Petfresh deodorising spray applied
•  Nail Clip
•  Application of Rear Guard lasting up to 10 weeks

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