Up to 20% off Neutering!

This February we’re offering up to 20% off neutering for all your furry family.

Neutering your animals has a range of physical and behavioural benefits:
•  Neutering has benefits that apply not only to dogs and cats but also to other animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.
•  Un-neutered female animals when they come into season can be messy - females can bleed for up to three weeks.
•  Prevents females coming into season, this is when they may attract unwanted male attention, become pregnant or have false pregnancies.
•  Prevents the risk of testicular and prostate cancer in males and uterus infections and cancers in females.
•  Neutering females reduces the risk of mammary tumours, this risk increases with each season.
•  Reduces the number of roaming dogs and cats that are injured or killed in road traffic accidents.
•  Can help with excessive or unacceptable sexual behaviour towards people and inanimate objects.
•  Can help reduce aggressive behaviour in males.
•  Helps reduce fighting, which means a reduction in infected wounds, abscesses and the spread of FIV infection in cats.
•  In male dogs and cats, neutering can reduce urine marking.
•  Animals don’t worry about family relationships - siblings will mate. This increases the risk of offspring with birth defects and deformities.
•  Vet fees for problems during or after pregnancy and birth can be expensive. Offspring might need veterinary treatment too.

What you need to know:
•  Females are spayed – this means the womb and the ovaries are removed.
•  Males are castrated – this means the testicles are removed.
•  Operations are carried out under general anaesthetic and animals usually recover quickly.
•  Neutering shouldn’t mean that your pets will put on weight- we will be able to advise you about a suitable diet plan.

Promotion terms, conditions and exclusions apply ask in branch for more details. Please note this promotion is not available at Burton Animal Hospital.